In today’s economic environment, fast and effective recovery of homeowner debt can be critical to an Association’s financial well-being. At PBM, we have a dynamic collection’s department with the finest personnel and resources found in the community association management industry at the lowest possible expense. We are able to handle a range of collections activities in-house at minimal expense to the Association. When outside counsel is required, we have low, negotiated rates with multiple law firms specializing in HOA and condominium collections. We maintain a database of collection actions and status for every delinquent unit owner at every account that we manage and we provide customized collections reports for boards of directors. This enables our client boards to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities by tracking required approvals at key points in the collections process. Our real-time collections database enables us to track and manage collections cases and employ the most efficient collection strategy in each individual situation. While PBM maintains a primary focus on recovering client debt, we also maintain respect for homeowners who are delinquent and work with them to provide opportunities to bring their assessments current.